Business Advisory · 25. July 2019
As a hypnotherapist you use language skills to influence clients’ behaviors. While you like to think that makes you an effective communicator, as long as you allow fear to degrade those skills, you cannot rise to your true potential. Bottom line, if you do not trust your own skills, how can you convince clients to trust you?
Business Advisory · 12. February 2019
it is not the number of courses you attend, the hours you accumulate, or the certificates you collect that make you a success. Rather, it is a sense of curiosity, inquisitiveness and wonder that draws you to explore, experiment, reflect and improve.

17. August 2018
Dr. Kweethai presented a master hypnotherapy class on trauma management and inductions in Kuala Lumpur, July 2018. In the APHM Newsletter, students attest to the practicality of the training.
17. August 2018
What you say becomes where you hurt and how you suffer

Business Advisory · 01. March 2018
How you feel about money determines how well you attract it
04. September 2017
September 18, Dr Kweethai is presenting "Negotiation: Hong Kong style" to the Tarrant County Association of Mediators at the Texas A & M Law School in Fort Worth, Texas. Open meeting. She's supplying cookies (because Hong Kong egg tarts are unavailable).

Theory · 08. January 2017
Figures from "Hypnotherapy, An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness" for anyone having only an audio version of the book.
Techniques · 27. May 2016
A stress-free childhood can still produce unintended consequences.

Theory · 27. April 2016
A primer on communication skills to produce happy, capable children
Theory · 17. April 2016
A primer on communication skills to produce happy, capable children

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