Kweethai Neill, PhD

Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD

Chin Kwee Thai dreamed as a child of someday becoming Malaysia's first female brain surgeon. A few years ago Dr Kweethai ran into an old classmate at a Kuala Lumpur medical center. He was a top cardiac surgeon, but remembered her dream and inquired about it. "Well, yes, I did become a brain surgeon. Only, I don't use a scalpel."


iChange Therapy is the name Dr Kweethai gave to her work when she realized it no longer fit any conventional box. She does hypnosis (in open-eye trance). She does Feng Shui (based on energy, not a compass). She provides coaching (after therapy). And while therapy is an accessible term she uses, her work is more accurately defined as mediation between a client's conscious and subconscious mind. 


Bottom line, “No one leaves my office without experiencing a real change.”


Dr Kweethai is an avid consumer of books and attributes her success to that intellectual curiosity. Publishing accommodates her desire to leave a legacy. Life as a university professor in health promotion was too far removed from real life to exert a practical influence on people's health behaviors. Working with clients one-on-one has a much more limited scope, but with immediate results. Writing books for the general public splits the difference. Even though her content often addresses coaches and healers, it resonates with anyone hoping to improve their health and happiness.


Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) from London University (UK); Master of Science and Doctorate in Philosophy from Kent State University (USA). She is a Fellow of the American School Health Association (ASHA) and recipient of the ASHA Distinguished Service Award. Throughout her long career as an academic and in private practice, she has been a popular and frequent speaker at national and international conferences. Her insights and wisdom span Eastern traditions and Western scientific training. The result is a broad tapestry of creative solutions leading toward healthier and happier lives. 


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Dr. Steve Stork

Dr Steve Stork, EdD, is Dr Kweethai's co-author, collaborator, editor...and husband. Nothing in his early life; including Cs in Reading and Writing; suggested he might someday become a scholar. Thank goodness for the phenomenon of late blooming. Upon entering middle age he managed a terminal degree (fancy speak for 'doctorate'), employment as a professor (from elementary gym teacher and coach), marriage (skipped the divorce) and, a few years into all that, editorship of a professional journal. 

Dr Stork is no stranger to the presentation stage; but is much more comfortable hiding behind a screen with a word processor. In any free time he is not hunting down ethnic food with Dr Kweethai, he enjoys wielding a saw and power screwdriver (though his real proficiency is piano).  


Dr Stork earned his bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education at Bowling Green State University. His masters and doctorate in physical education pedagogy are from Auburn University.


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