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Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, and Dr Steve Stork, EdD, are highly qualified educators, experienced hypnotherapists and successful consultants. They have taught at all levels, from children through graduate students; in the classroom and in the field; to a few and to many; using chalk and Power Point; live and online. They lecture as necessary, but prefer application tasks, clinical exercises, group processing and discussions. 

Dr Kweethai Chin Neill, PhD, CHES, FASHA, CHT
Director, Principal Faculty
President, iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness, Inc., Keller, Texas

Dr Steve Stork, EdD, CHES, CHT
Director of Technical Support, iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness, Inc.

Count on professional teachers for effective training.


Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD

Dr Kweethai Neill left the university to teach in the Universe-City. She brings to hypnotherapy an extensive background in health education and a rich tapestry of multicultural experience. Her iChange Therapy™ process extends average hypnotherapy by integrating hypnotherapy with Life Enhancement Training™— a set of assertive communication skills— and Feng Shui, the Chinese science of creating harmonious spaces.


A recognized and sought-after speaker and consultant in Health Promotion while a university professor, Dr Kweethai developed a similar repute in hypnotherapy. As she says, “No one leaves my office without experiencing a real change.” Numerous clients attest to her skills, wisdom and compassion as a highly intuitive clinical hypnotherapist.


Dr Kweethai benefited from a lineage of master teachers such as:

Dr Kweethai holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) from London University (UK); Master of Science and Doctorate in Philosophy from Kent State University (USA). She is a Fellow of the American School Health Association (ASHA) and recipient of the ASHA Distinguished Service Award. She is author of Hypnotherapy, An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness and How to Build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice (available from iChange Press). She has regularly presented at international hypnotherapy conferences. Her insights and wisdom span Eastern traditions and Western scientific training. The result is a broad yet focused tapestry of creative solutions to help clients act on changes toward healthier and happier lives. She puts Spirit first in the mind, body and spirit paradigm. “When you are IN joy, you will ENJOY your life.”

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Dr. Steve Stork

Before Joining iHealth Center Dr Steve Stork spent 15 years as a university professor teaching others how to teach. He emphasized quality communication and strove toward a positive learning environment, while writing extensively about these themes as senior editor of a professional journal.

Dr Stork’s humanistic approach to education and experience as writer and editor make him a unique asset. His specialization in early childhood education is invaluable to hypnotherapy, as so many clients regress to childhood issues. 


As Director of Technical Support for iHealth Center, Dr Stork has expertise in website development, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO); as well as other aspects of office technology. He has helped new hypnotherapists create their internet presence, including recording and editing YouTube videos for new websites. 


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Our mission is to contribute to the development of highly effective hypnotherapists. We support the professionalism and practice of fellow hypnotherapists by contributing the best of our knowledge, skills and creative energies toward building a professional community. We advocate for effective hypnotherapy in which clients are treated with respect, compassion and the highest standards of professional conduct.


We extend this mission also to mental health practitioners who desire to apply hypnotherapy in a professional capacity. We are less interested in any student's academic background than we are in a sincere interest in helping others achieve better health and happiness.