Hypnotherapy Techniques

The descriptions of clinical practice that follow are not a substitute for formal instruction. They are meant to reinforce therapy strategies Dr. Kweethai talks about in the context of both initial hypnotherapy training and conference presentations in front of skilled practitioners.

The Emotional Bridge spans from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind. As real change can only occur within the subconscious, that makes the Emotional Bridge a critical aspect of hypnotherapy.

Using energy work puts a unique spin on the whole notion of trance induction. When working with energy, state of consciousness is much more fluid.

The emotional bridge, If you build it, they will cross over it
Recognizing the emotional bridge is an effective way to initiate contact with the subconscious mindt

One of the biggest departures from conventional therapy is to resist diagnosing and just let the client's subconscious lead the session. When in doubt, shake your left hand.

Failure to launch
A stress-free childhood can still produce unintended consequences.

An empathetic response to the client is based on intuition
During the pre-talk the hypnotherapist establishes rapport and gains consent.