Child communication: Redirect, rehearse and reinforce desirable behaviors

Redirect, rehearse and reinforce desirable behaviors

Educating leads to learning; but is not as simple as listen, parrot back, learned. It takes time to integrate new knowledge and practice new skills. The path to mastery is littered with naïve interpretations and incomplete applications. In other words, learning is a developmental process that requires practice, feedback and modification until mastery is achieved.

Child communication: Redirect, rehearse, reinforce desirable behaviors

This is the part missing from traditional hypnotherapy conducted in just a few sessions. The effective, change-oriented, hypnotherapist must be authoritative and in charge in order to direct the client as she learns (usually via reframing) and repetitively practices new communication skills. Adult clients may consider themselves too mature to have to submit to new learning, making it critical to have established a trust relationship in which the best interests of the client are preserved and protected.


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    Helen Ellison (Thursday, 19 April 2018 06:28)

    Never thought that <a href="http://howtohypnotizesomeoneinstantly.com/">hypnotizing someone</a> could change the way they behave. Psychologist must use it on kids with tantrum issues.