iChange Therapy

iChange Therapy™ is not just Dr. Kweethai's unique interpretation of hypnotherapy. It is an amalgam of a lifetime of training, study and reflection. She is informed by the wide range of theories and strategies she has read and studied. That is what makes her intuitive approach within iChange Therapy™ so effective.


It takes a lifetime to become a master. Dr. Kweethai's approach to teaching hypnotherapy is based on pointing students in the right direction. Stories from her own experience share her path to mastery, while also demonstrating what is possible when faced with new experiences; those times when you may think you don't know how to proceed, then intuition presents a novel solution. Theories drawn from a wide-variety of modalities in most cases prove they all draw from similar knowledge and assumptions, and that therefore the simplest explanations are usually the best.


In other words, there is only one Dr. Kweethai and she is not interested in producing clones. Much of the learning that occurs with Dr. Kweethai is discovering what you DON'T know. Because that is what you experience over and over again in the practice of hypnotherapy. The successful hypnotherapist is not frustrated by that discovery, but is energized by the opportunity to expand knowledge in a new direction. How to apply that energy is what Dr. Kweethai teaches.