iChange Therapy: Evolution as Process

That hypnotherapy can be performed upon completing only a couple hundred hours of training makes it seem quite simple. But it is not.


The iChange Therapy process evolved from twenty years of mindful practice; reading beyond the accepted canon, adapting to unique client behaviors, selectively adopting advice from a variety of mentors, and integrating alternative practices such as Chinese energy medicine.


This is not a cookbook with recipes (scripts). Rather, Dr Kweethai describes how her methodology evolved; with the intent that self-fulfillment arises from doing the same for your own practice.


This book conveys the energy and irreverence of her ever-popular live presentations and is chock full of her thought-provoking client stories. 

Book cover: iChange Therapy, Evolution as Process

iChange Therapy: I Can, I Want to, I Choose to
Ancient Chinese character for change
I Ching symbols, heaven above, earth below
Happiness is achieved when there is balance between heaven and earth
Dr Kweethai's mantra: I Can, I Want to, I Choose to

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Hypnosis Fundamentals

Chapter 2 - Underlying Principles of iChange Therapy

Chapter 3 - Don’t chuck your training, but neither let it become a crutch

Chapter 4 - Disposition to Practice iChange Therapy

Chapter 5 - Relating to the client

Chapter 6 - Communicating in Trance Space

Chapter 7 - Open eye trance

Chapter 8 - Trust your own intuition

Chapter 9 - Hypnotherapy as a lifestyle, not just a practice

Chapter 10 - Intake Interview

Chapter 11 - The Emotional Bridge

Chapter 12 - Energy medicine & Qigong

Chapter 13 - Language of Change

Chapter 14 - Exploring Happiness and Fear

Chapter 15 - Neillisms and ancient Chinese wisdom

Principles for coaches and healers to expand as alternative healthcare providers


Kweethai Neill, PhD

Dr Kweethai evolved the iChange Therapy process. It is an outlier in hypnotherapy. Clients enter sessions already mesmerized and she immediately initiates a conversation with their subconscious. She infects clients with a success orientation, drawing on her extensive experiences in business and higher education. “No one leaves my office without a change.”


As a consummate teacher, her books and numerous presentations lead students, followers and fans toward evolving their own unique talents into effective and successful practice.   


Steve Stork, EdD

Steve Stork co-writes with Dr Kweethai Neill, partnering with her in iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness, a hypnotherapy practice.


In addition to co-authoring books and journal articles, he maintains their social media presence.