Critical PreTalk as a Crucial Conversation

How do you talk a potential client into using your services when she is actively talking herself out of it?


This is not a book about marketing or sales. Rather, it acknowledges certain roadblocks that must be overcome if you are to 1) get resistant clients into your office and pay for services, and 2) predispose them to a successful outcome.


A conversation turns ‘Crucial’ when strong negative emotions threaten to derail it. You enhance your credibility as a therapist when you anticipate emotional reactions and gently navigate around or thru them. As you help clients overcome their initial reservations, you are also developing ‘expectancy’, a critical feature of any successful therapy.

Healers and Coaches

Proficiency in a particular healing modality is not enough. You need to get clients in the door (and paying). Dr Kweethai  bills herself as a hypnotherapist, but her work includes a healthy dose of energy medicine. So, whatever your alternative healthcare orientation, this book will help you as a business person. 

Book cover: Critical PreTalk as a Crucial Conversation

When change confronts excuses and alibis, crucial conversations emerge
Create anticipation with success stories
Establish authority by reinforcing a solution focus
Respect yourself by choosing clients who will be successful

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - Initial Contact

Chapter 2 - Identify 

Chapter 3 - Commitment

Chapter 4 - Show me the money

Chapter 5 - Support the initial commitment

Chapter 6 - From ‘Liar’ to Self-respect

Chapter 7 - Guiding a client to tell the truth

Chapter 8 - Abandon Hope

Chapter 9 - Preparing the client’s mind for change


Kweethai Neill, PhD
Kweethai Neill, PhD

Dr Kweethai’s iChange Therapy process is an outlier in hypnotherapy. Clients enter sessions already mesmerized and she immediately initiates a conversation with their subconscious. She infects clients with a success orientation, drawing on her extensive experiences in business and higher education. “No one leaves my office without a change.”


As a consummate teacher, her books and numerous presentations lead students, followers and fans toward evolving their own unique talents into effective and successful practice.   


Steve Stork, EdD
Steve Stork, EdD

Steve Stork co-writes with Dr Kweethai Neill, partnering with her in iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness, a hypnotherapy practice.


In addition to co-authoring books and journal articles, he maintains their social media presence.