Graduate School for Hypnotherapists

The typical hypnotherapist is quite good at hypnosis, but real magic occurs when you lead a client to transmute energies, then teach skills for living a changed life.

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Intensive Training for Professionals

"Will we all have to cry by the end of the class?"

The only way to be 100% present for a client is to make sure your own baggage is not tripping you up. Then, you have to be prepared to push a client out of her comfort zone. Therefore, that's the way Dr Kweethai conducts her trainings. She helps her students comprehensively examine their own comfort zones so that they may be better prepared to then do the same with their clients. Such training is unyielding. It is hard work. It is intense. But it is definitely worth a bit of sweat and tears. 

For professionals who want to do better hypnotherapy, not just receive another certificate.

Students practice their hypnosis skills


Dr Kweethai's teaching style is geared to practicing professionals; certified hypnotherapists looking for a new challenge; or open-minded mental-health practitioners looking for new tools. Current students (not yet certified but forward-thinking) benefit from the induction to higher-order skills. 

Training in the time of COVID

Dr Kweethai's Zoom room


Over the past couple years Dr Kweethai has scaled back her teaching. She now teaches only a couple classes a year. And that was before COVID. In lieu of face-to-face classes, Dr Kweethai has been teaching via ZOOM. F2F remains her preference, but ZOOM has the added advantage of accommodating international students.

Leaving a Legacy

Though Dr Kweethai will continue to teach on a limited basis, much of her outreach is migrating to this website in the form of blog & vlog posts. It is certainly not as intense as a live face-to-face class, but still enough to stir the creative juices as you consider ways to improve your own practice. 


Dr Kweethai’s partner/husband, Dr Steve Stork, EdD, has recorded virtually all her master classes and conference presentations for the past dozen years. He is now sorting thru that extensive archive to find nuggets of wisdom to share with the next generation.  


We value your comments and questions throughout this process. So, as appropriate, upon completing a blog post or watching a YouTube video, leave a Comment, hit the Like button, Reply, and by all means Subscribe to be informed of future posts.  

iChange Therapy Specialist

Dr Kweethai has been certifying worthy students as iChange Therapy Specialists. In general, the honor goes to those who have accumulated at least 300 hours of iChange Master Classes.

iChange Therapy Certified Specialist logo

Between COVID, the migration to ZOOM instruction, and Dr Kweethai reducing her teaching load; we are exploring how we might otherwise award credit toward the 300-hour requirement. Return to this space occasionally to see what we come up with. 

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iHHS Blog

Client Stories

Examples of the iChange Therapy™ process. Not case studies. Stories are based on true events, but are not a factual report. Names and circumstances are revised to protect client confidentiality. Aspects of the client - hypnotherapist interaction are abbreviated; summarized as opposed to quotations.


Hypnotherapy skills cannot be learned by merely reading about them. So the client stories are not 'scripts'. Rather, they demonstrate how to 'deal with what emerges', adapting to clients' needs.


For a better idea of Dr Kweethai's pacing and vocal tone, see her YouTube videos.

Hypnotherapy Theory

Some strategies within the iChange Therapy™ process are familiar to current hypnotherapy training. Others are derived from an extensive study of therapy-related modalities, including the integration of eastern energy medicine with western allopathic medicine.

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Descriptions of clinical practice (not a substitute for formal instruction). Reinforcement of hypnotherapy strategies from the context of both initial training and practitioner-oriented conference presentations.

Business Advisory

A successful practice requires more than just competence in Hypnotherapy. A viable business produces enough income to pay the bills, while also providing for a healthy lifestyle.