Master Training for people who want to do hypnotherapy, not just receive another certificate.

The typical hypnotherapist is quite good at hypnosis, but real magic occurs when you lead a client to transmute energies, then teach skills for living a changed life.

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Upcoming Trainings

Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy

September 27 thru October 2, 2017

Fort Worth, Texas

An iChange Therapy™ Intensive Training. Cultivate healing energies as you tap into your clients’ subconscious mind.

Master Teacher in Hypnotherapy

October 4 - 7, 2017

Fort Worth, Texas

Train new hypnotherapists with skill and confidence. You know the content. Learn how to convey it effectively.

IMDHA Hypno Expo 2017

IMDHA Hypno Expo 2017

Telling Stories that Heal

IMDHA Pre-Conference workshop, May 17-18 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Critical Pre-Talk

IMDHA May 20 (Saturday) 3:00

To access the subconscious, stop interrogating the conscious

IMDHA May 20, 10:00

Dr. Stork showing video of Dr. Kweethai's iChange Therapy

When you get to the bridge, cross it

IMDHA May 20, 4:00

Dr. Stork showing video of Dr. Kweethai's iChange Therapy

Hypnothoughts Live 2017

How to Talk so Clients can Heal

August 26 (Saturday) 3:30