iChange Therapy: Evolution as Process

That hypnotherapy can be performed upon completing only a couple hundred hours of training makes it seem quite simple. But it is not.


The iChange Therapy process evolved from twenty years of mindful practice; reading beyond the accepted canon, adapting to unique client behaviors, selectively adopting advice from a variety of mentors, and integrating alternative practices such as Chinese energy medicine...

How to build a six-figure hypnotherapy practice

Healers and coaches have great intentions to help others but often struggle financially. Some supplement their expenses from other income, treating their business more like a hobby. Success at any alternative health practice and success at business overlap, but are mostly unique; i.e., success at one does not lead automatically to success at the other.     


Dr Kweethai left academia two decades ago to do work that resonated with her soul. A lifelong entrepreneur, she purchased an office property two weeks before completing her hypnotherapy certification... 

Hypnotherapy: An alternative path to health and happiness

For over 20 years Dr Kweethai has used this book as a calling card. It is broad enough to be accessible to the merely curious, but specific enough that readers can see how they might resolve issues that are not specifically mentioned. 


"Hypno-what?!" This confusion dampened Dr Kweethai's enthusiasm when initially opening the doors to iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness. Rather than get discouraged, she wrote a book...

Critical pretalk as a crucial conversation

How do you talk a potential client into using your services when she is actively talking herself out of it?


This is not a book about marketing or sales. Rather, it acknowledges certain roadblocks that must be overcome if you are to 1) get resistant clients into your office and pay for services, and 2) predispose them to a successful outcome.

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