Master Training for people who want to do better hypnotherapy, not just receive another certificate.

The typical hypnotherapist is quite good at hypnosis, but real magic occurs when you lead a client to transmute energies, then teach skills for living a changed life.

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In addition to the Master Classes displayed here, Dr. Kweethai speaks at several conferences every year. Local and national events are listed at the bottom of this website. To receive continuous updates, Like the iHealth Hypnotherapy School Facebook page. To follow Dr. Kweethai on topics other than hypnotherapy, Like the Dr Kweethai Facebook page.

Practical Hypnosis Course

Practical Hypnotherapy

December 3 thru 8, 2018

Fort Worth, Texas

A course for mental, medical or dental health professionals studying Dr. Kweethai's iChange Therapy who have not yet learned how to perform basic hypnosis. Quickly learn the basic hypnosis cycle, from induction thru counting up. 

Build a successful hypnotherapy practice

Launch Your Practice

December 9, 2018

Fort Worth, Texas

One-day intensive based on Dr. Kweethai's book, How to Build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice

See Dr. Kweethai & Dr. Stork present at conferences

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Date TBD, typically in April in Glendale, CA. This conference has a lot of history and is very valuable for practicing hypnotherapists. 

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Middle of May in Daytona Beach.

Dr. Kweethai has presented here for 10 years. A great conference for learning a variety of practice styles and techniques. 

HypnoThoughts Live

August in Las Vegas.

A relatively new conference that has grown quickly. Eclectic content that leans toward stage, quick inductions, and marketing.    

Spring Forest Qigong Annual Conference

Date TBD, typically early in May in Minneapolis. 

SFQ offers comprehensive training in qigong; Chinese energy medicine. The annual conference is open registration; therefore a good way to get a basic introduction to using qigong for healing. 

Summaries of Dr. Kweethai's work with the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia

Trauma Management and Inductions, Hypnotherapy Master Class
Dr. Kweethai's Master Class in Kuala Lumpur was profiled in the APHM HYPNews
Organ Language; program for APHM quarterly meeting
Dr. Kweethai provided the program for the APHM Quarterly Meeting via ZOOM

Coming up

National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists


Friday, November 2, 1:30 - 4:00


Dr. Stork - "Successful Sessions" 

Saturday, November 3, 1:30 - 2:30


Dr. Kweethai - "Your Talk Talks; Words that Heal" 

Sunday, November 4, 9:00 - 11:30


Dr. Kweethai - "How to Listen so Others will Talk" 

Monday & Tuesday, November 5 & 6, Post-conference workshop


Dr. Kweethai - "From Proposal to Platform" 



February 25-27, 2019


Dr. Neill - Presenter