Master Classes for professionals who want to do better hypnotherapy, not just receive another certificate.

The typical hypnotherapist is quite good at hypnosis, but real magic occurs when you lead a client to transmute energies, then teach skills for living a changed life.

Join Dr. Kweethai's Master Trainings

Intensive Training for Professionals

Dr Kweethai's Master Classes are intended for practicing professionals; certified hypnotherapists looking for a new challenge; or open-minded mental health practitioners looking for new tools. Current students (not yet certified but forward-thinking) benefit from the induction to higher-order skills. 


Dr Kweethai's Spring Master classes, scheduled May 1 thru 10 and described below, have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In lieu of these face-to-face classes, Dr Kweethai will be teaching on ZOOM for 2 hours every Saturday morning in May. Click the Details buttons for a full description of each class content. Contact Dr Kweethai for registration & fees.

Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy

Energy Medicine Meets HypnotherapyAdvanced Clinical Applications

May 1 thru 6, 2020

Fort Worth, Texas

A master class intensive for hypnotherapists, and related professions, to practice aspects of Dr. Kweethai's iChange Therapy with direct supervision.  

You already know what to expect:

  • Daily cultivate your healing energies. 
  • Hone the skills for tapping into your clients’ energies. 
  • Adopt more strategies for facilitating transformation in the blink of an eye. 
  • Enhance your intuitive energies, for miraculous collaboration with clients. 
  • Leverage your knowledge, skills and creative wisdom. Weave the precision of science with the magic of hypnosis and the art of Qi flow. 
  • Continue your path toward becoming an excellent facilitator of positive change. 
  • Integrate energy medicine with hypnotherapy to help clients who suffer from fear, pain, anger, stress, physical symptoms and emotional set-backs.  

As usual, upon receiving Dr. Kweethai’s excellent instruction and energies, you will practice clinical skills under her supervision. It is intense and challenging, yet also fun and exhilarating. Return home with a sense of confidence and competence, ready to dazzle clients with amazing results.

Master Coach Course

iChange Therapy Master Coach

May 7 thru 10, 2020

Fort Worth, Texas

How to extend the client relationship into Coaching when initial hypnotherapy has been completed. 

This is Dr. Kweethai’s first intensive class on the topic of iChange Coaching. 

  • Discriminate between therapy and coaching. 
  • Add a further option to your menu of services. 
  • Expand beyond the Language of Change by sharpening your negotiation skills. 
  • Utilize open eye trance to help clients attain their goals in extraordinary ways! 

Take your hypnotherapy or consulting practice to a whole new level. Integrate your own energies with those of your clients, serving as a Catalyst of Change; to facilitate their transformation in the blink of an eye.




This is what makes iChange Therapy Specialists unique. 

These Master Class opportunities are by invitation only. Every participant will have already experienced Dr. Kweethai’s magical training. All arrive already knowing that iChange Master Classes take hypnotherapy to a new level. This is a continuing opportunity to apply and manifest personal skills and intuition.


For the first time, Dr. Kweethai will be certifying iChange Therapy Specialists, as some participants will have reached their 300-hour milestone of iChange Master Classes. 

Want an invitation?

Never hurts to ask. Contact Dr Kweethai directly to see if these master classes are right for you.

Master classes in hypnotherapy

For certification, continuing education or personal development

Dr Kweethai believes that hypnotherapy is most effective when the therapist is prepared to 'deal with what emerges'. That requires exercising insight, creativity and intuition. Though she encourages continuous education and perpetual learning; and does so herself; the foundation of her approach is that you do not need to 'know' everything in order to engage in this work.


But, the more you know, and the more you approach challenges with an open mind, the better prepared you are to 'deal with what emerges'. It is not just about working with other people; it is also about how you yourself deal with life's challenges.

iChange Therapy™ is not just Dr. Kweethai's unique interpretation of hypnotherapy. It is an amalgam of a lifetime of training, study and reflection. It is informed by the wide range of theories and strategies she has studied. That is what makes the intuitive approach within iChange Therapy™ so effective.


It takes a lifetime to become a master. Dr. Kweethai's hypnotherapy instruction is based on pointing students in the right direction. Stories from her own experience share her path to mastery, while also demonstrating what is possible when faced with novel challenges.


Rather then panic and freeze when encountering something new, intuition presents a novel solution.


Theories within various modalities in most cases draw from similar knowledge and assumptions. Therefore the simplest explanations are usually the best.


An everyday phenomenon in hypnotherapy is discovering what you DON'T know. Successful hypnotherapists respond not with frustration, but with excitement at the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a new direction. Dr. Kweethai teaches toward that energy.

Dr Kweethai's favorite conference

Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute

HPTI and ICBCH Winter Hypnosis Convention

Richard Nongard hosts this event in Las Vegas every February. It is quickly developing a reputation for inviting highly qualified speakers who appeal to therapy-minded hypnotherapists.  

Summaries of Dr. Kweethai's work with the Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia

Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia
Trauma Management and Inductions, Hypnotherapy Master Class
Dr. Kweethai's 2018 Master Class in Kuala Lumpur was profiled in the APHM HYPNews
Organ Language; program for APHM quarterly meeting
Dr. Kweethai provided the program for the Spring 2018 APHM Quarterly Meeting via ZOOM

Additional Learning from Dr Kweethai

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Client Stories

Examples of the iChange Therapy™ process. Not case studies; stories are based on true events, but are not a factual report. Names and circumstances are revised to protect client confidentiality. Aspects of the client - hypnotherapist interaction are abbreviated; summarized as opposed to quotations.


Hypnotherapy skills cannot be learned by merely reading about them. So case stories are not 'scripts'. Rather, they demonstrate how to 'deal with what emerges', adapting to a client's needs.


For a better idea of Dr. Kweethai's pacing and vocal tone, see her YouTube videos.

Hypnotherapy Theory

Some strategies within the iChange Therapy™ process are familiar to current hypnotherapy training. Others are derived from an extensive study of therapy-related modalities, including the integration of eastern energy medicine with western allopathic medicine.

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Descriptions of clinical practice (not a substitute for formal instruction). Reinforcement of hypnotherapy strategies from the context of both initial training and practitioner-oriented conference presentations.

Business Advisory

A successful practice requires more than just competence in Hypnotherapy. A viable business produces enough income to pay the bills, while also providing for a healthy lifestyle.