Business Advisory

Book: How to Build a $ix-Figure  Hypnotherapy Practice

A week prior to earning her official certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr Kweethai purchased the office space within which she would open her practice. When a friend inquired about her business plan, Dr Kweethai replied, "My business plan is simple. It's one sentence. I plan to be successful."


Dr Kweethai has an advantage over most hypnotherapists in that she has an extensive background in business. She is also diligent, mindful and inquisitive. She understands business and is not intimidated by money, "If your business is not profitable (which includes paying yourself a livable salary), it is not a business; it is a hobby."


Whatever your business is, Dr Kweethai can help identify the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals, and eliminate them. For example, every phone conversation with a potential client is the beginning of your Pre-Talk (video). Your goal is not just to convert them to a client, but to help them see value in themselves; and that is what convinces them to pay your fee.


Dr Kweethai has a reputation for cutting directly to the heart of an issue. While initially uncomfortable, her directness allows the issue to be addressed, quickly eliminating it as a limiter.


Yes, it is a 'How to...' book. But, No, it does not provide easy answers. Business is intensely personal. Dr Kweethai builds advisory and coaching relationships specific to each client's needs.

Business Coaching, Individualized Package

Services range from creating a business plan and setting up a website to learning and practicing the skills of a successful entrepreneur. After an initial plan is strategized many clients work thru emerging issues via monthly phone consults with Dr Kweethai.

Business Advisory with Dr Kweethai

Certification training usually includes a generic approach to operating a private practice. The business reality is that most people resist the need for 'therapy'. It takes significant effort and preparation to establish trust, not just in therapy, but in the provider as well. Therefore, marketing is not just an issue of visibility, it must also create a sense of credibility.

Dr Kweethai's Business Advisory process includes the following.

  • Identify your value proposition; skills & client profile
  • Branding; Revise business name, professional title, tagline
  • Create a business logo; including a color scheme for website and promotional materials
  • Organize a professional photo shoot; followed by selection of photos to use on website and promotional materials
  • Design a business card
  • Draft text for promotional materials consistent with the preceding. (This text will be expanded for your website.)
  • Design a business brochure

Get a jumpstart on the process by viewing Dr Kweethai's presentation at Hypnothoughts Live 2016.

Website development with Dr Stork

Twenty years ago, people researched service providers in the Yellow Pages. Today, you are virtually invisible without a website. Unfortunately, a poorly designed site means you may never be found, or if found, potential clients get a wrong impression. After Dr Kweethai teases out the things that make you uniquely appropriate for the client profile you want to attract, Dr Stork composes a website that appeals to search engines and those clients.  


Already have a website? What we have found when working with Business Advisory clients is that most of their websites meet a bare minimum. As a therapist, you can be forgiven for not knowing the intricacies of your website, but the site development services with Dr Stork create an opportunity to put your best foot forward.


Web developers are not therapists. They put on your site whatever you tell them to. Dr Stork is more therapist and educator than web developer. He edits content for SEO, but also to support your skills and credibility as a therapist. He uses an online website builder, and can teach you how to revise elements on your website by yourself, without having to rely on a developer.

Analysis of current website

  • Current “strength” of the site (domain authority, page authority)
  • Site map (Is information positioned in a logical hierarchy?)
  • Page text (e.g., grammar & spelling; strategic placement of keywords; relevance of the text overall to the value proposition)
  • Graphics (relevance, placement)
  • Source code (meta data {page title, description, keywords}, alt text accompanying links & graphics, Headings {H1, H2}, link text)
  • Links (internal/external, working?)

New website preparation

  • Keyword selection
  • Assemble graphics (logo, header, headshots, memberships & certifications)
  • Determine site map (page hierarchy); with keyword emphasis for each page; then draft content for each page
  • Edit existing content (if available)
  • Determine external links (with URLs)
  • Determine caption, alt text or URL to accompany each graphic
  • Identify website exemplars and desirable add-ons (e.g., map, calendar, picture slider, social media, shopping cart, contact forms, document downloads, etc.)
  • Storyboard placement of text and graphics for each page
  • Select and purchase a Domain Name (thru GoDaddy); account is set up under client’s name and address
  • Set up a Jimdo site (website builder)
  • Account is established under client’s name, address, payment, etc.
  • Account information (site name & description)
  • Select a template that suits the client’s business goals, page content and add-ons
  • Set navigation; For each new page, input meta title, description & keywords 
  • Select page ‘style’; font, colors, background
  • Place text and graphics on each page
  • Select and format add-ins (Google map, social media links, email form)

Site maintenance

  • Add or revise text ($/word)
  • Add or change images ($/image), includes relevant alt text and link 
  • Add or revise add-ons
  • Add and set-up a new page, includes uploading and formatting content
  • Maintenance charged on a time basis

Small (10-15 minutes)

Medium (16-45 minutes)

Large (46-60 minutes)

  • Submit changes to be made; including any related text & graphics
  • I will quote how much time it will take me, as well as when it can be done
  • Payment is required before work is done
  • I send a confirmation email as soon as the work is completed.

Jimdo provides extensive tutorials that describe, in detail, how to work with their site elements. If you want to emulate something you have seen on another website, and no Jimdo tutorial addresses it, you can contract me to research it.