Master classes in hypnotherapy

For certification, continuing education or personal development

Dr Kweethai performs demonstration for hypnotherapy students

Dr Kweethai believes that hypnotherapy is most effective when the therapist is prepared to 'deal with what emerges'. That requires exercising insight, creativity and intuition. Though she encourages continuous education and perpetual learning; and does so herself; the foundation of her approach is that you do not need to 'know' everything in order to engage in this work.



But, the more you know, and the more you approach challenges with an open mind, the better prepared you are to 'deal with what emerges'. It is not just about working with other people; it is also about how you yourself deal with life's challenges.

Dr Kweethai's teaching is highly interactive due to small classes

iChange Therapy™ is not just Dr Kweethai's unique interpretation of hypnotherapy. It is an amalgam of a lifetime of training, study and reflection. It is informed by the wide range of theories and strategies she has studied. That is what makes the intuitive approach within iChange Therapy™ so effective.



It takes a lifetime to become a master. Dr Kweethai's hypnotherapy instruction is based on pointing students in the right direction. Stories from her own experience share her path to mastery, while also demonstrating what is possible when faced with novel challenges.

Practicing map dowsing during small-group instruction

Rather then panic and freeze when encountering something new, intuition presents a novel solution.


Theories within various modalities in most cases draw from similar knowledge and assumptions. Therefore the simplest explanations are usually the best.



An everyday phenomenon in hypnotherapy is discovering what you DON'T know. Successful hypnotherapists respond not with frustration, but with excitement at the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a new direction. Dr Kweethai teaches toward that energy.