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This website is not set up for international orders.

Shipping costs in the order form on this website are only for delivery within the continental U.S. If you want to purchase this book from outside the U.S., please contact Dr Kweethai directly to arrange payment and confirm an accurate mailing address.  

Dowsing rods

As energy medicine is an important part of Dr Kweethai's work, most students and clients have seen her demonstrate dowsing a client's energies and chakras. She sells dowsing rods at conferences but not on this website. To purchase a set of her telescoping travel rods, contact her.  


Dowsing rods are only as effective as the dowser. Dr Kweethai's calibration video suggests beginners start with Yes/No questions. As the energies of the dowser and the rods become more fully integrated, you can ask more sophisticated questions. Dr Kweethai may address this in a future video; but for now she addresses it only in her live trainings and presentations. 

If you already have a set of dowsing rods, this video has instructions for calibrating them to your own energies.

Dowsing is a very powerful tool, so make sure you devote sufficient time to calibration before using your rods in a client session.