Child communication

Child Communication

As a hypnotherapist you are an expert in child communication. Or at least you have more expertise than most people. One, you know the impact of language on the subconscious mind. Two, you have developed competency in skills that communicate directly with the subconscious mind of your clients.

Child Communication

Many hypnotherapists engage public speaking as a means of generating interest in their services. What better topic than child communication! Children younger than age 7 have yet to develop the critical factor of the conscious mind. In essence all communication during this period of early childhood is directly with the subconscious. Consider how grateful parents might be to learn skills that will minimize negative programming in their children.

The majority of parents are totally oblivious to the impact of their words, assumptions and childrearing strategies on the immature mind. Helping them to understand the nature of the developing mind would hopefully lead to new habits and patterns of communication.


To be clear, hypnotherapists are not child development experts and should not make any claims that could be construed that way. Public speaking should be limited to what you know best, communication with the subconscious mind. 

Need some hints? Hypnotherapists speak positively and in the present; they validate feelings; they present double binds in preference to negations; they reframe subconscious programming from negative to positive; they educate; and they redirect, rehearse and reinforce desirable behaviors. The effective hypnotherapist is authoritative and in charge, having established a trust relationship in which the best interests of the client are preserved and protected.


More specific suggestions follow.

Speak positively

Child Communication Part 2: Speak positively

Part 2, Speak positively; Part 3, Speak in the present; Part 4, Validate feelings; Part 5, Double bind; Part 6, Reframe from negative to positive; Part 7, Educate; Part 8, Redirect, rehearse, reinforce desirable behaviors

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