Child Communication: Validate feelings

Validate feelings

Many adults in hypnotherapy claim they can no longer feel; or if they do, they cannot identify specific emotions. This begins with parents who negate children’s feelings. “That is nothing to cry about.” “You should not feel that way.” By adulthood feelings are hidden so deep they are seemingly out of touch. But they still exert their inexorable influence from within the subconscious.

Child communication: Validate feelings

It takes very little to acknowledge when a child is happy, sad, mad, or glad. Putting a name to them helps the child process and accept them.

Double binds

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Our worst fear can be transmuted
Fear of “not being good enough” can be transmuted to self-love via affirmations or Our worst fear can be transmuted from "I'm not good enough" to expressions of self-love.

Validation is also a critical component of the pre-talk with new clients.

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