iChange Therapy Certification

iChange Therapy Certified Specialist



iHealth Hypnotherapy School offers a program of study leading to Certified iChange Therapy™ Specialist. Master Classes have taken place at iHealth Center in Texas, but also in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. During COVID Dr Kweethai taught via ZOOM.



There is no particular class sequence or timetable. Upon completion of credit requirements, one can apply for certification. Passing a final Certification Test with Dr. Kweethai confers the designation of iChange Therapy™ Specialist.


Non-hypnotherapists, such as licensed mental health professionals, who desire certification from Dr Kweethai can arrange a customized course of study with her. 


Dr Kweethai has practiced and fine-tuned her process for over a decade, describing its evolution and various components at national conferences and in master classes.


At the request of many students, she has only recently organized a course of study for hypnotherapists and related professionals to learn her comprehensive methodology.


As an iChange Therapy Specialist you will have working knowledge of clinical hypnotherapy, energy medicine, advanced communication and mediation skills, and Feng Shui.


You will also have a sound basis for opening or improving your professional practice as a business enterprise.


As east meets west, Dr Kweethai’s training in western science and study of eastern energy medicine offer clients the best of both worlds. iChange Therapy is an all-around, inside-out approach to helping clients clean up emotional clutter, release spiritual toxicity, and recalibrate new environments for peaceful and joyful living.


By putting Spirit first in the Mind-Body-Spirit paradigm, positive consequences are sustained easily and naturally.

iChange; derived from i Ching

The iChange Therapy process revises habits of mind and personal behaviors in a way that brings about positive changes inside and out. iChange is derived from the i Ching, the ancient Chinese book of changes.


iChange Therapy integrates clinical hypnotherapy with western health education and eastern energy medicine to get clients unstuck from emotional scars in the subconscious mind. Assertive communication skills allow the expression of their new truth. Feng Shui, the science of creating a harmonious environment, supports the happier and healthier self.


This process and certification are the fulfillment of Dr Kweethai’s wish to help others feel better inside and out. New, positive, habits within a supportive environment enhance a peaceful lifestyle. The integration of Chinese Energy Medicine cultivates a sense of inner peace. That peace is supported by inter- and intra-personal communication skills that mediate both inner and outer conflict, allowing better choices toward well-defined life goals.

Hypnotherapist, mental health professional, teacher, trainer, parent, spouse, mediator, negotiator, coach consultant

Whether or not you aspire to certification, Dr Kweethai's master classes will change how you interact with clients, for the better. iChange Therapy focuses on aspects of the client that cannot be directly observed. It requires seeing beyond eyes and listening beyond ears, uncovering that which even the client does not know about herself.

The paradox of living or working with, teaching or counseling “difficult people” is that they want to be loved and valued as much as anyone else. The iChange Therapy process provides the ‘source code’ that allows change to occur; transmuting Fear to Love.

Whether using these skills and wisdom professionally or at home, you will benefit personally in myriad ways. Strategies from iChange Therapy will help you become more effective interacting with clients, students, employees, coworkers, family members… The change starts within you. Change yourself, and you will be better able to help others change.


A Master Class format presumes that all students are a professional in their own field. Active participation in discussions, clinicals and debriefs is expected. Questions and contributions should benefit the class as a whole; and not serve as an opening for personal therapy. All courses with Dr Kweethai are video-recorded, requiring a signed release from each student.

Bridge Courses

iChange Therapy goes well beyond hypnotherapy, but as the most provocative changes occur within the subconscious mind, facility with hypnosis terminology and concepts is a prerequisite. Students with no prior training specific to hypnosis or hypnotherapy must enroll in a relevant Bridge course. There is an additional Bridge course (Energy Medicine Primer) for any student having never trained with Dr Kweethai.


iChange Master classes are taught by Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, CHT, BCC, FASHA, and Dr Steve Stork, EdD, CHT.


Together they offer more than 80 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom.


Dr Kweethai is a specialist in adult education. Dr Stork has a lifetime of specialized knowledge and experience in early childhood education. They have the human lifespan covered!


When available and appropriate, Dr Kweethai invites experts in specific areas as guest instructors, adding to the rich tapestry of learning for students.

iChange Therapy is a process developed by Dr Kweethai. Some years ago a desire to help people become healthier led Kweethai Neill to study nutrition science (Master of Science in Nutrition). She pioneered a combination of food science and nutrition while advocating for minority health. Her Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in Curriculum Instruction and Design specialized in Health Education. As Dr Neill, PhD, she advocated for healthier children in schools, eventually being conferred as Fellow of the American School Health Association.


As an academic, Dr Neill earned tenure as Professor of Health and rose to Department Chair of Health Studies at a prominent university in Texas. By that time she had discovered that merely teaching people about good health was not enough. Knowledge may change attitudes, but does little to change behaviors. Also, physical health rarely translates directly to happiness or life satisfaction. Rather, too little attention is paid to spiritual health.

Dr Neill left academia to work in what she terms the Universe-city. The adoption of clinical hypnotherapy extended her health education and advocacy into the subconscious mind, enhancing both happiness and health. She adopted a new identity as Dr Kweethai to discriminate between, yet also merge, her academic background in science and personal devotion to spirit.


Most face-to-face classes are taught in Keller, Texas. We strive for a state-of-the-art teaching environment that is Feng Shui-correct. Dr Kweethai maintained this standard even as she moved classes to ZOOM during the COVID pandemic. A peaceful and harmonious surrounding affords effective learning. Classes are small and intimate (no more than 15 students) to ensure personal attention. Reflective mentoring and instruction purposely creates a cohort-community amongst the students that enhance cross-peer sharing.

Certified iChange Therapy™ Specialist Master Classes

Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy – Qi Cultivation

50 credits

  • Personal Qi Cultivation
  • Dowsing to locate energy blockages in a client
  • Applying a basic understanding of Qi within Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Live Case Demonstration
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy – Feng Shui

50 credits

  • Personal Qi cultivation
  • Dowsing for detrimental energies in an environment
  • Application in an Environment
  • Clinical Application
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Live Case Demonstration
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

Language of Change – Power in Communication

50 credits

  • Reading Non-verbal Language
  • Intuitive Listening
  • Radical Honesty-Speaking your Truth
  • Communicate with Confidence, Confrontiveness, and Competence
  • Skills Practice and Reflection
  • Live Case Demonstration
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

Language of Change – Negotiation

50 credits

  • Mediation vs Negotiation: skills and strategies
  • Power of Choice: Decision-Making Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Dealing with Crisis and Trauma
  • Clinical Case Studies
  • Live Case Demonstration
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

iChange Master Teacher – Science and Art of Teaching

40 credits

  • Styles of Learning and Teaching
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning
  • Storytelling
  • Content organization
  • Delivery: Verbal and Visual
  • Practicum
  • Project
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

iChange Master Trainer – Program Design and Promotion

40 credits

  • Self-cultivation to adopt a Teaching Style to Training Modality
  • Self-knowledge: determining what and whom to train
  • Designing a course to suit your delivery style
  • Finding the right students
  • Practicum
  • Project
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

iChange Master Coach

40 credits

  • Transition from Therapy to Coaching
  • Self-Cultivation; Personal goal-setting
  • Skills of a Master Coach
  • Case Study
  • Project
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

iChange Business Coach

40 credits

  • Business design: Strategic Planning and Delivery
  • Business planning from the soul
  • Personal determinants of success
  • Financial Basics: Make a profit without guilt
  • Case Study
  • Project
  • Debrief, Reflection and Evaluation

Additional Credits

Clinical Case Studies

View each video and respond to guided questions

  • Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy in Puerto Rico -- 10 credits
  • Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy in Las Vegas -- 10 credits
  • Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy: Client with Multiple Sclerosis -- 10 credits
  • Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy: Client with Incest Trauma -- 20 credits
  • Lessons in Love (communication skills) -- 10 credits

Private one-on-one training with Dr. Kweethai

Credits by arrangement

  • iChange Therapy™
  • iChange Master Teacher™
  • iChange Business Coach™

Bridge courses

Maybe you are new to hypnotherapy, or Dr Kweethai, or both; yet intrigued by the content of these courses. To help new students enter their first course on an equal footing with their peers, iHHS offers electronic courses to bridge the gap.

Prerequisite if new to Dr. Kweethai

  • Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy in Puerto Rico (video series) -- 10 credits

Prerequisite if new to hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy practicum -- credits by arrangement
  • Dowsing practicum -- credits by arrangement


  • To qualify for the iChange Therapy Certification test, you must accumulate 300 credits; any combination of courses within the plan of study.
  • Any credits earned in pre-requisite courses, independent study, or practicums cannot be applied toward certification.
  • Upon accumulation of the required 300 credits, apply to take the Certification test with Dr Kweethai.
  • Only upon passing the test is full certification conferred, allowing you to then identify yourself as a Certified iChange Therapy™ Specialist.