The 9 P's of being a professional hypnotherapist

The 9 P's of being a professional hypnotherapist

The 9 Ps of being a professional hypnotherapist

Spiritual health


Your first grounding has to be in your own spirituality. Hypnotherapy is sacred work. Clients must also believe in something greater than who they are. For the work to be valid and effective, both participants must trust in God and care about people.


You must be at peace with yourself, trust yourself, and accept yourself for who you are before you can teach a client to find those same traits.


Gil Boyne said hypnotherapists have to have that fire in the belly. It has to be something you want to do, no matter what.

Mental health


Simply plan to do excellent work. Orient everything you do, say and think around that clear purpose.


Don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t lie. You cannot help a client resolve an issue that you struggle with yourself; it is a lie.


Maintain a positive mental attitude and push forward no matter what the obstacles are. Usually, neither the obstacle nor the resolution are what you initially assume them to be.

Physical health


In order to be successful, first give value to clients. Then, do not be afraid of making a profit.


To give value you must be credible and competent, and practice with dignity; which means you better know your stuff. Get as much training as possible and never stop learning.


When working with clients, be present. Keep your own stuff outside the room and pay 100% attention to the client.

If nine things are too much to remember, you can reduce it to 2. Give value to your clients. And be true to yourself.

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