Transforming Anger to Peace

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The Physics of Harmonious Mediation

Advanced Communication Skills for Successful Mediation

Communication is a transfer of energy. That energy can be either positive or negative, conveying either love or fear. It is not just visible or audible, as in the non-verbal elements of communication. Rather, it can be as simple as word choice. From that perspective, energy within a single word, regardless of other considerations, has the potential to influence a mediation positively or negatively. 

Learn more about this critical aspect of Mediation at this interactive workshop March 7, 2017, in Hong Kong with Dr. Kweethai Neill, PhD.

This workshop is open to the public and professional mediators.  Time:  9 am - 6 pm.


Location: Financial Dispute Resolution Centre, 37/F, 248 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai

Transforming Anger to Peace

Dr. Kweethai Neill, PhD

Workshop: mediation


Regular registration, US$250 (~HK$1,925)

Early bird (before February 1, 2017) US$225 (~HK$1,733)


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Personal Training to Enhance your Professional Life

What makes a successful mediation? Can you imagine opposing parties in the dispute walking away peacefully, or even with a smile? People come to mediation with highly charged emotions. Some are angry, some scared, but most are irritated and unhappy. Fear and emotional energies exacerbate already tense circumstances. The first thing the mediator must do is calm all parties so they can form thoughts to express themselves more clearly and then listen to hear more accurately.

Negative emotions are fueled by fear. The first law of physics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Successful mediation finds ways to transmute anger and fear energy into peace and calm.

Join Dr. Kweethai as she demonstrates how to calm angry clients in order to bring peace to disagreement and conflict. She will demonstrate key skills leading to intra- and interpersonal peace. These are skills that, once learned, bring harmony to home and workspace for both you and your clients. Learn how to apply verbal and nonverbal language in a way that evokes calm. Also learn how to arrange an environment that promotes harmonious resolution.


Mediators, Negotiators or related professionals who navigate organization or personnel disputes. Anyone interested in learning skills necessary to negotiate in tough situations.


  • Skills to calm self and others
  • Techniques in setting the mediation room for harmony
  • Strategies for ensuring safety within the meeting space
  • Positive validation skills
  • Assessment of win-win solutions
  • How and when to use positive verbal and nonverbal skills

MASTER INSTRUCTOR: Kweethai Neill, PhD, CHT  (Dr. Kweethai)

Dr. Kweethai is a master of oral communication. A quick intellect that alternates seamlessly between the forest and the trees, she conceives creative insights leading to innovative solutions. As a highly successful hypnotherapist, she daily negotiates conflict within her clients; in the process teaching them communication skills that lead to fundamental changes in their life.

Dr. Kweethai is a Board Director for the Tarrant County Association of Mediators in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.  She speaks regularly on topics related to intra- and interpersonal communication. (She is also a Fire Walking Instructor.)

Dr. Kweethai left a university post as Chair of Health Studies on a search that led to founding iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness, Inc. She uses hypnotherapy to help clients implement change toward a better state of well-being and success. Her iChange Therapy™ integrates strategies from both east and west to elicit health and happiness from within the client.

Dr. Kweethai is a master hypnotherapy instructor, having taught hundreds of hours of basic and advanced training. She speaks annually at national and international hypnotherapy conferences, in addition to addressing medical, business and community audiences. She is a regular contributor to the IMDHA journal Unlimited Human and has published two books, Hypnotherapy, An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness and How to Build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice.

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, Instructor, Board Member
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia
Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia
Tarrant County Association of Mediators
Tarrant County Association of Mediators, Board Member
Fort Worth Area Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Fort Worth Area Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

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