Dr Kweethai's International Trainings

Master classes in hypnotherapy, and so much more

Dr Kweethai believes that hypnotherapy is most effective when the therapist is prepared to 'deal with what emerges'. That requires exercising insight, creativity and intuition. Though she encourages continuous education and perpetual learning; and does so herself; the foundation of her approach is that you do not need to 'know' everything in order to engage in this work.


But, the more you know, and the more you approach challenges with an open mind, the better prepared you are to 'deal with what emerges'. It is not just about working with other people; it is also about how you yourself deal with life's challenges.

iChange Therapy Trainings

For certification, continuing education or personal development

  • Courses displayed here are components of iChange Therapy certification.
  • "Certified Instructor Hypnotherapy" and "Energy Medicine Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy" were last offered in 2017. "Language of Change - Communication" and "iChange Master Trainer" were last offered in 2018. Course content and pricing will be revised for future course availability.They remain posted here as a reference.
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Informed Consent

Dr Kweethai and iHealth Hypnotherapy School are committed to the highest ethical standard. Before registering for a course, please review our policies audio-visual recording and email addresses.