Hypnotherapy Training

iChange Therapy Process

  • Courses displayed here all serve as components of iChange Therapy certification.
  • Dr Kweethai offers Master Classes once or twice a year, scheduling courses based on the needs of current students. There is no recommended sequence, so new students can enter the process at any time.
  • Most courses listed below remain on the website for archival purposes, so potential students can view typical content and fees. If a particular course piques your interest, contact Dr Kweethai directly to request that it be offered again.
  • All course content and pricing is subject to revision for future scheduling. They remain posted only as a reference. So, PLEASE, do not register for a course that took place 2 years ago.)
  • Return to this page, or follow iHealth Hypnotherapy School on Facebook, for updated information.

Informed Consent

Dr Kweethai and iHealth Hypnotherapy School are committed to the highest ethical standard. Before registering for a course, please review our policies audio-visual recording and email addresses.