Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy

Dr Kweethai explains iChange Therapy to hypnotherapists in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Chakras. Energy dowsing. The 10-hour protocol. Intake form and initial client interview. Her approach to the therapist/client relationship.

2 client demonstrations, partially in Spanish (not one of Dr Kweethai’s languages).


All on a single USB drive.

Energy Medicine meets Hypnotherapy


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The USB drive is menu-driven. There are Readme files in PDF, but it is all available within the product as well.


There are 31 videos that you can view in order or by selecting a topic of interest.

Sample of a video page

Each video is accompanied by a list of terms and topics you will be exposed to; as well as a brief summary.


You can watch a video at the default size on the page or expand it to full screen. Use the navigation arrows on the left to proceed thru the videos in their original sequence, or go to the Directory to select specific topics of interest.

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Case Study: Healing from the Trauma of Incest

Limited availability

This product is only available to Dr Kweethai's students. We received permission to videotape a client. The three sessions went six hours total. But what is very special is that Dr Kweethai debriefed each session afterward with Dr. Stork and another observer. The discussion includes flashback clips.


The videos include extensive titling; a running commentary on what Dr Kweethai is doing, as well as subtitles that repeat Dr Kweethai's language repatterning. 


The client presented an interesting case related to childhood incest. The relevant aspect for fellow hypnotherapists is the way Dr Kweethai addressed several symptoms of trauma in the client's lifestyle choices before eventually getting specifically to the incest.


The topic is highly personal. Even though the client gave permission, Dr Kweethai wants to take every step necessary to ensure this video is used appropriately. Therefore this product is available on a very limited basis only to people Dr Kweethai knows and trusts.


If you are one of that chosen few, give Dr Kweethai a call to take advantage of this remarkable learning opportunity.

If you have already purchased this product, see these Technical Notes