iChange Master Coach

A follow-up to therapy

Discriminate between therapy and coaching as clients migrate from therapy into applying the changes they desired to a new lifestyle and emerging habits

Coaching provides support as a client implements new changes. You will learn to take advantage of your own special competencies as a resource. Then, how to negotiate a coaching relationship in which you help clients achieve their goals.

Explore the essential points of Coaching that contribute to a collaborative relationship that suits both you and your client.

This is an interactive workshop, May 7 - 10 in Fort Worth, Texas with Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD & Dr Steve Stork, EdD.

Time:  9am - 6pm most days.


Location: The Studio of Harmony at iHealth Center in Keller, Texas


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Professional training to enhance the Coaching you aspire to



This course uses hypnotherapy as a starting point, but is equally valuable for professionals in related fields. It is most important that you are fully secure in your content area. Further, before attempting to coach others you should have dealt with your own issues. It's hard to help someone else stay centered if you are not there yourself. That type of inconsistency will become immediately evident to clients and future prospects will dry up.


A truly effective coach puts the needs of the client first. No one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care. A good coach need not be highly competent and practiced in the skills the client needs and desires. Rather, you need to be a keen observer, able to analyze where the client is falling short in skills or desire, then providing refinements and encouragement that guide further practice. 


A certificate of completion is awarded at the conclusion of this course. All participants may apply the certificate toward continuing education as allowed by an organization or governing body relevant to your specialization.

Training intentions

Fundamentals of Coaching

  • What is the Coaching?
  • Types of Coaching
  • Lifestyle/Relationship Coaching versus Business Coaching
  • From Co-dependence to Independence, Continuum of the Coaching Relationship
  • 4 Levels of Competencies. Unconscious Incompetence thru Unconscious Competence
  • Styles of Coaching
  • Styles of Learning/ Kolbe Index
The iChange Coaching Model

  • Assessment, Goal Setting, Plan, Implementation, Evaluation
  • Accountability: How do you measure success?
  • The Crucial Client Interview
  • The Magic Question: What is one thing you want to achieve? How do you eat an elephant?
  • Tools and Techniques of Coaching
  • Competencies and Skills in Coaching
  • Responsibilities in Coaching
  • Agreement or Transformation
  • Ethics in Coaching
The Energetics of iChange Coaching
  • The energy of client/coach relationship
  • Boundaries
Practice Sessions


How this course is unique

This course is different from LIFE COACH programs. You will not learn generic life skills to teach. There is little emphasis on encouragement and motivation. Rather, the iChange focus is on how to work as a collaborative partner with your client. You offer yourself as an expert in working toward goals and desires.


Toward that end, you skillfully probe the client to break down those desires into actionable components, prioritizing action steps and determining measurable outcomes to serve as indicators of progress.


Coaching is the logical extension of serving as a Catalyst for Change. You enter the relationship with a unique expertise to help the client achieve what is desired. When that relationship has run its course, the client may have achieved what they originally intended, or maybe migrated to a different outcome; but you emerge unchanged. 

Dr. Kweethai’s courses are interactive and challenging. Hands-on activities apply the skills you are learning, in many cases forcing you to learn and practice at the same time. You gain confidence as you find it easier and easier to think quickly and exercise extemporaneous creativity.

Hypnotherapists need not limit themselves to only hypnosis. You skill set includes analyzing problems with clients and helping them to creative solutions. Coaching uses many of those same skills.


  • Clarify what it means to Coach: Be confident of the role you will play in guiding a client towards their own achievements.
  • Learn via experiential tasks: Opportunities for participants to gain practice
  • Create action steps. Design role plays. : Learn to engage the client; not just tell them what you think they should do.
  • Offer positive learning: Coordinate intent so that Coach and Client both understand the goal, and their unique responsibilities in working toward that goal.
  • Reflect on outcomes: Respond flexibly to unintended or serendipitous outcomes.
iChange Therapy Certified Specialist

This training contributes to hours required for iChange Therapy Certification.

This course has been designed by master coaches, though with radically different backgrounds. Dr Kweethai Neill, PhD, has included Coaching as an extension of her iChange Therapy process for many years. Coaching is also the basis of her Business Advisory. and Dr Steve Stork, EdD, spent 20 years as a certified teacher and athletic coach.

MASTER INSTRUCTOR: Kweethai Neill, PhD, CHT  (Dr. Kweethai)

Dr. Kweethai is a master of oral communication. A quick intellect that alternates seamlessly between the forest and the trees, she conceives creative insights leading to innovative solutions. As a highly successful hypnotherapist, she daily negotiates conflict within her clients; in the process teaching them communication skills that lead to fundamental changes in their life.

Dr. Kweethai left a university post as Chair of Health Studies on a search that led to founding iHealth Center for Integrated Wellness, Inc. She uses hypnotherapy to help clients implement change toward a better state of well-being and success. Her iChange Therapy™ integrates strategies from both east and west to elicit health and happiness from within the client.

Dr. Kweethai is a master hypnotherapy instructor, having taught hundreds of hours of basic and advanced training. She speaks annually at national and international hypnotherapy conferences, in addition to addressing medical, business and community audiences. She is a regular contributor to the IMDHA journal Unlimited Human and has published two books, Hypnotherapy, An Alternative Path to Health and Happiness and How to Build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice.


Dr. Stork has worked with learners at all levels, from early childhood thru college and adults. He is a keen observer of human behavior, drawing on an extensive background of teacher and learner behaviors to enhance classroom interactions. He has chosen not to practice hypnotherapy, but instead, is curator of Dr. Kweethai's work as it has evolved.


As a pedagogist, Dr. Stork's primary academic training is in the methods and strategies of teaching and assessment. It is what he taught as a University professor. He also supervised field experiences and student teaching.


Dr. Stork has also presented frequently at national conferences. Most recently he has begun to share aspects of iChange Therapy using videotaped clips of Dr. Kweethai in action, with an analysis of how her process works.

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia
Association of Hypnotherapy Practitioners Malaysia
International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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