A day in the Studio of Harmony

New to hypnotherapy? You might be interested in a job description or, better yet, what we teach you to do. Our teaching is based on Intensive Training and a 4-Tier Instructional Model


iHHS classroom instruction is based on 3 fifty-hour Levels, accompanied by 70 hours of self-guided study distributed between the 3 Levels. Levels 1, 2 and 3 must be completed in order.

Program Outline

The total program is 220 Hours: 150 Hours of Live Training + 70 hours of Guided Self-Study
Live Training = Students are present with an Instructor for face-to-face instruction and skill practice.
Guided Self-Study = Students are given assignments to produce self guided study products that are then evaluated.

Following are links to 3 representations of the curriculum.


From an instructional perspective, the modules are not taught as discrete units. Rather, content is overlapped based on students' readiness and a line of discussion at any given time. 


Assignments: Most self guided study is subject to a combination of self, peer, and instructor feedback. One often learns as much from evaluating peers' work as in completing the assignment oneself.

Sample materials

Each student receives a ring binder containing a full set of course materials.


A few of Dr. Kweethai's case stories, hypnotherapy strategies, and video clips are available on this website as a resource for review and reinforcement after instruction.