The Business of Hypnotherapy

Success in the practice of Hypnotherapy requires more than just competence in Hypnotherapy; it means you also have a viable business that earns enough to pay your bills; but also allows time for a healthy lifestyle. 


You could certainly take advantage of Dr. Kweethai's Business Advisory; a soup-to-nuts approach to helping you build your practice from the ground up. There is also her book, How to build a $ix-Figure Hypnotherapy Practice


You will also benefit from the resources below.

Emotions of Money
To be successful, you have to believe in your own abilities and convey that belief to potential clients.

Education Level in Hypnotherapy
Education level is not as important to hypnotherapy training as the desire to learn and practice well.

Every interaction with a client is a crucial conversation. Your goal is to help them set aside limiting beliefs and open themselves to the change they desire and are counting on you for.