2019 Activities

February 24-25 – 2019 HPTI Conference, Las Vegas   7 Critical Clinical Listening Skills 


March 2 — Healthy Marriage, Healthy Families Coalition of Tarrant County, Healthy Marriage: Building Lasting Relationships, Fort Worth   Dr. Kweethai and Dr. Stork   Getting a Grip on Conflict and Forgiveness


March 3 - IMDHA Hypnocaster — Dr. Kweethai interviewed by Michael Watson   Manifest a Successful Hypnotherapy Practice 


March 7 - 10 — Tejas Storytelling Festival, Denton, TX   Storytelling to Help Clients Heal


March 12-19 – Qigong class with Master Wu in Portland, OR. (Dr. Kweethai and Dr. Stork have been studying Qigong, as energy work is an adjunct to Dr. Kweethai’s iChange Therapy)


March 20 - 24 – American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Glendale, CA   

(Not attending this year, but encourage others to.) 


April 25 — Positive Human workshop at Novus Academy, Grapevine, TX


May 2 – 5 – iChange Therapy Master Class   Advanced Clinical Skills in Hypnotherapy in Keller, TX


May 6 – 11 – iChange Therapy Master Class   Energy Medicine Meets Hypnotherapy — Feng Shui in Keller, TX


May 17 – 19 – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, Daytona Beach, FL

Dr. Stork: May 17   

Dr. Kweethai: May 18   Breakfast keynote and orientation

Dr. Kweethai: May 18   

Dr. Kweethai: May 19   Qigong breakfast exercise

Dr. Kweethai: May 20-21   

Exhibitor table


August 16 – 18 – HypnoThoughts Live, Las Vegas, NV

(Not attending this year, but encourage others to.)   

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