2018 Activities

February 24-25 – 2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention   Crucial Pre-Talk: Convert Interested Parties to Paying Clients (a collaboration with Richard Nongard)


March 12 - 19 – Qigong class with Master Wu in Portland, OR. (Dr. Kweethai and Dr. Stork have been studying Qigong, as energy work is an adjunct to Dr. Kweethai’s iChange Therapy)


April 19 - 23 – American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Glendale, CA   

Dr. Stork: April 20   When You Come to the Emotional Bridge of Change… Take it

Dr. Kweethai: April 22   Crucial Conversation: Transform Your Pre-talk into a Client Contract

Sponsored an Exhibitor table


May 4 – 5 – HypnoBiz, New York

Dr. Kweethai: May 4   Keynote (paid)

Dr. Kweethai: May 4   Six Figures of Success in Hypnotherapy: From University to Universe-City

Dr. Kweethai: May 4   Private Session: How to Build a successful hypnotherapy practice

Dr. Stork: May 5   How to be found on the internet when no one is looking for YOU

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May 6 – 9 – Spring Forest Qigong – Master of Qi Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN   

Dr. Kweethai: May 7   Is it ok to ask for fee to do healing?

Dr. Kweethai: May 8   Energy of Healing-Integrating Energy Medicine with Hypnotherapy


May 18 – 20 – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Dr. Stork: May 18   Funneling toward change

Dr. Kweethai: May 19   Breakfast keynote and orientation

Dr. Kweethai: May 19   Magic formula to price your services

Dr. Kweethai: May 20   Qigong breakfast exercise

Dr. Kweethai: May 21-22   Hypnotherapy for trauma specialist certificate

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June 10-11  – Association  of Hypnotherapy Professionals in Malaysia  

Dr. Kweethai conducted a 2-day master class Trauma Management with Hypnotherapy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with AHPM. 


August 24 – 26 – HypnoThoughts Live, Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Stork: Aug 24  Attract more hits with mobile website design

Dr. Kweethai: Aug 25   Inductions, Inductions, Inductions, Instant, Rapid, Quick, or Slow

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September 27 – October 2 – iChange Therapy Master Class Language of Change in Roanoke, TX


October 4 – 7 – Certified Master Trainer Course: iChange Master Trainer in Roanoke, TX


October 14 - 21 – Master Wu Qigong in Portland, OR


November 2-7 – National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Virginia Beach, VA

Dr. Stork: Nov 2   Successful Sessions

Dr. Kweethai: Nov 3   Your talk talks: Words that heal

Dr. Kweethai: Nov 4   How to listen so others will talk   


December 3 – 8 – iChange Therapy Master Class Skills and Techniques in Hypnotherapy in Roanoke, TX