Student Profile

iChange Therapy Student Profile

iHealth Hypnotherapy School seeks students who are committed, life-long learners; who have willing hearts and open minds; and are dedicated to effectively helping change lives. We appeal to students who have the courage to become leaders in hypnotherapy.

Since there are no academic prerequisites to become a hypnotherapist, Dr. Kweethai screens applicants for a certain level of aptitude—particularly emotional and spiritual maturity—that she has observed in most successful practitioners.

Class size is always limited to ensure quality instruction. Some schools accept any student who can pay the fee, but learning iChange Therapy requires a soulful commitment; so we want to maximize opportunities for everyone in the class to fully participate.

Instruction is in English, sort of. A running theme in iChange Therapy is the Language of Change; helping clients transmute energies and revise habits by changing the words they use. Also, as Dr. Kweethai draws students from around the world, her classes become a multicultural immersion.  

Successful hypnotherapy begins with a sincere desire to help others. It is enhanced by a lifelong commitment to new learning.

There is an old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. The same is true of iChange Therapy. Once you understand the scope of work required for success, it is critical to understand the commitment required to become a practicing hypnotherapist.  Students who accept and engage this path must understand the seriousness of this endeavor and the value of their investment.


You can easily find hypnotherapy master training that is cheaper and takes less effort. If you merely want another certificate to add to your list of qualifications, that's not us. We prepare you to practice hypnotherapy as a healing profession. Toward that end, we hold you accountable to required readings, homework and clinical practice. High standards require you to work hard; but it is that hard work that creates confidence in your skills; and that confidence is what allows you to demand respectable fees; because, bottom line, that is how you produce the results clients are looking for.