Registration Policy

Registration Policy for iHHS

Please make sure you fully understand the nature of a course and your own responsibilities before committing to register for it.

Small class size

The Intensive Master Classes offered by Dr. Kweethai and iHealth Hypnotherapy School (iHHS) are intentionally small,  ensuring that students get ample attention from Dr. Kweethai. The intimacy also enhances cross-peer training and community-building.


A personalized folder or ring binder of class documents is prepared for each student. Due to the small class size and the amount of energy spent in preparation, each confirmed registration is considered a full commitment.

No refunds

Therefore, there is No refund for cancellation within 30 days of a class.
Special circumstances are considered by Dr. Kweethai case-by-case.

Make an informed choice

  • Completing and submitting a registration means that you understand and accept the terms described above.
  • A note accompanies the registration button on each class page that encourages you to contact Dr. Kweethai directly and ask questions about any course you are interested in.
  • To get a feel for Dr. Kweethai's presentation style, videos are distributed throughout this website; but you may also choose from a collection of videos at the iHHS YouTube channel.


The Registration Policy as stated in this post is a general policy for information purposes. If you sign a registration form that contains more specific, or even different terms, that document takes precedence over the terms contained here.