Policies for electronic media

Whenever possible Dr. Kweethai wants a record of her work. Therefore, all Trainings that take place at iHealth Center in Keller, TX are video-recorded, audio-recorded, or both. As a rule these recordings are not available to students after a course. Rather, they are added to an archive from which clips might be taken to be used for education purposes; either utilized in subsequent live presentations, or contributing to online training.


All students are required to sign a release at the beginning of each course acknowledging that they have been informed of the recording and its purposes. This post summarizes that release form.


By registering for any iHealth Center (iHC) or iHealth Hypnotherapy School (iHHS) training, you consent to various forms of photo, video and audio recording in which you may be identifiable visually and/or audibly. Dr. Kweethai Neill, iHC and iHHS reserve the right to use such recorded media on websites, in newsletters, and in educational products.

Electronic media may appear in whole, but is also likely to be edited to a relevant purpose. Unless you grant specific permission in writing, private and confidential information is edited out.


Dr. Kweethai Neill, iHC and iHHS use email addresses collected in any training to advertise and promote future events and products. The Consent referred to herein serves as Opt In permission to be added to our mailing lists. If in future you no longer have interest in those mailings, the subscription service we use makes it easy to Unsubscribe.