The iHHS approach to Hypnotherapy

HYPNOSIS is a natural state of mind characterized by specific traits. Qualified hypnotherapists utilize hypnosis to benefit clients in a variety of ways. The most common uses of hypnosis are for smoking cessation, weight loss, and nervous habits such as test anxiety or fingernail biting. Pain control is also common, particularly in dentistry, surgery, and even childbirth. A higher level of hypnotherapy practice offers healing solutions for emotional issues arising from childhood trauma, sexual abuse, traumatic stress, etc.

The skilled hypnotherapist can earn a good living addressing common issues with individuals and groups. Further study leads to mastery of more sophisticated strategies; and the hypnotherapist’s fees are commensurate with mastery.

HYPNOTHERAPY is more than a career; it is a lifestyle. Hypnotherapists help clients take charge of their lives. We help you become a leader; empowered to make choices that steer clients toward healthier and happier lives. Hypnotherapy is a profession that engages hypnotism to help clients overcome emotional barriers that keep them stuck in unpleasant life situations. At iHealth Hypnotherapy School (iHHS) we believe that integrated wellness, or iHealth, is a state of being whole and healthy in body, mind and spirit. iHealth means being healthy and happy inside and out. We teach iChange Therapy™, a process developed by Dr. Kweethai Neill that integrates hypnotherapy with Life Enhancement Training™ and Feng Shui to help clients transmute fears and self-betrayal into more nurturing behaviors. Effective communication skills allow clients to express themselves assertively. Feng Shui principles are engaged to design harmonious spaces to support their new lifestyle.

We hold hypnotherapy to be an enhanced practice of health promotion; refining clients’ desires for healthy change, facilitating that change, and then creating skills and an environment that support the change. The i in iHealth represents integral wholeness, individual responsibility, and membership in the Universal Divine (I). We prepare hypnotherapists to help clients align their little “i” with the big “I”. When the spirit is in order, one attains iHealth; meaning they are healthy and happy. What more can you ask for? Imagine the profound satisfaction of working in a profession that facilitates that! Hypnotherapy actually helps people change.

We train HYPNOTHERAPISTS to be HEALTH EDUCATORS who help clients make a choice to be healthy & happy! Conveying knowledge is not enough to convince people to make real changes in their lives, even when they earnestly desire change. We teach you to use the power of the subconscious to facilitate transformation.

Effective hypnotherapists are skilled not just in applying hypnosis, but in exercising a broad scope of health knowledge as well. Healing requires integration of mind, body and spirit; from a well-functioning body to inter- and intra-personal relationships, to spirituality and beliefs.

Full participation, dedication to learning, and well-earned certification prepare you to start your own hypnotherapy practice. We help you develop confidence through competence. At iHHS, we teach you how to earn a good reputation through quality practice.