Self Guided Study

Create an audio CD

Design, create and produce a recording for self-hypnosis that addresses a specific issue for change. Submit the finished recording with a transcript. This assignment begins in HYP 101 with the expectation that students will submit a polished, professional version by the end of the third Weekend Training (or the beginning of the second Intensive Training Week. The CD will should be packaged and ready for a client to use. Expect to engage several rounds of evaluation, feedback and revision to create a marketable product.

Personal Journey

Complete 2 weeks of “Morning Pages,” a form of self-reflection. Journaling makes an important contribution to a process of personal growth and healing within the program. Allowing iHHS faculty to read the journal in part, in whole, or at random demonstrates a level of trust in you and in them.

Oral Presentation

Create a 10-15 minute Power Point presentation that explains Mind-Brain Consciousness and its connection to Hypnosis. A script is required, but you will use it to prepare yourself, not to read from. Faculty & peers will provide constructive feedback. (HYP 102)


List possible metaphors for helping a client visualize novel solutions to an issue. Script the language you would use to present one of the metaphors to a client. (HYP 104)

Profile of a hypnotherapy professional

List characteristics of a hypnotherapist and write a 2-page self-reflection describing the traits you already have, and how you will acquire those you lack. Peer feedback. (CHT 101)

Checklist of suggestibility tests

Describe circumstances under which you would use each test.

Client Interview

Create a Protocol specific to your style and practice it on peers.

Compare and contrast 3 induction techniques

Create an audio CD that demonstrates a personal variation of an induction technique. (CHT 202 )

Fear vs Phobia

Create a healing protocol for a phobia or fear. Explain the rationale underlying any metaphors; what makes them potentially effective or beneficial to a client?

Sleep CD

Practice hypnotic voice and a relaxation technique. (CHT 203)

Oral Presentation

Create a 10-15 minute oral presentation about a unique aspect of hypnotherapy, and ends with a call to action.