4-Tier Instructional Model

We sequence instruction to scaffold knowledge. New information is built upon prior knowledge. At each step of the process, students are reminded of the relevance of prior learning. That is a direct contrast to the “test-it-and-forget-it” model of learning most grade school and college students have come to expect. At iHHS, we anticipate you will eventually use everything you learn about clinical hypnotherapy to your professional advantage.

Tier 1: Knowledge & Comprehension

Direct instruction. Instructor-mediated discussions as students complete reading assignments, case histories, and view CD/DVDs. Instructors guide students to develop knowledge and understanding of hypnotherapy literature and clinical skills.

Tier 2: Application

Once you understand what you are doing, we teach you via practice, practice, practice. Hypnotherapists must be prepared to deal with what emerges. That means paying attention to clients and adopting intuitively creative solutions to meet clients’ needs. Be prepared to hypnotize classmates and volunteer subjects, and to be hypnotized yourself.

Tier 3: Synthesis

Instructor-led discussions. Once basic clinical skills are mastered, students learn how to improvise creative solutions. Instructors challenge students by posing scenarios for them to role-play. Specific answers are not found in books. You will derive solutions from prior learning. Instructors will probe and guide you to develop self-confidence in expressing creativity unique to your own life experience.

Tier 4: Evaluation

Instructor-Mediated discussions. The breadth and skills of form and structure in hypnotherapy often means you have to adapt quickly, yet accurately. The ability to differentiate and apply effective and appropriate practices; versus over-reliance on scripts and a limited repertoire of skills; leads to a level of intuitive competence that is self-reinforcing.

Confidence arises via artful progress from tier to tier.